Contact Relationship Management (CRM) with CiviCRM

Reach out to your constituents

Provide your constituents with information, services and opportunities that meet their expectations and intentions.

Engage your community

Involve your members, volunteers, donors and other contributors to support your projects.

Finance your projects

Set goals, raise funds, and leverage social networks in order to reach your targets.

Manage your events

Manage your registrations, organize and announce your events.

Streamline your workflow

Coordinate complex processes over time which can involve multiple tasks and stakeholders.

Analyze your activities

Gather accurate information on your contacts and the effectiveness of your fund raising campaigns

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A CRM adapted to the needs of non-profits

Unlike traditional Client Relationship Management (CRM) providers, our expertise is specifically tailored to meet the needs of non-profit and public organizations. We serve organizations that need to track, support and reach out to a variety of contacts: members, donors, activists, volunteers, partners, employees, patients, beneficiaries ... We provide usable means to manage those activities that rely on your contacts database.

The tools we service are actively maintained by the Free Software community. We adapt these resources to your local concerns and provide you with the support required to help you maximize their use. We believe that an organization should be free to change provider without changing its tool set as we provide our customers with personalized assistance at every stage of their growth.

We serve non-profit organizations

We work cooperatively