We help community organizations track and manage their recurring activities. We provide the tools and practices that meet the standards and requirements of the non-profit sector. We tailor our services to the locality, activity and specific needs of each client.


We accomplish this mandate by relying on the following principles:

  • Adaptivity : we understand the application domain of each client, and customize our services to their specific needs
  • Simplicity : we propose tools that are light, pragmatic, easy to use and maintain
  • Transparency : we communicate honestly, in a clear language, and share our knowledge
  • Mutualisation : we pool resources and contributions from our clients and our partners in order to offer the best product at a low price.


More concretely, we work at accomplishing the following goals:

  • Offer tools that are adapted to Quebec, francophone and multi-lingual communities
  • Reduce the costs of custom software development
  • Improve our software platform for all users
  • Allow all organisations to benefit from technological advances developed by other users of the software (pooling and sharing using Free Software)
  • Encourage open ecosystems, based on long term viable and inter-operable solutions (which may include both Free and proprietary software)
  • Make Free Software more accessible and affordable for smaller organizations
  • Document and share knowledge that benefits the community
  • Grow a working environment which promotes these activities.


Coop Symbiotic is a worker owned co-operative. We believe that each employee can bring a valuable contribution to the enterprise as a whole by keeping in touch with the concerns of its customers and by meeting their expectations.

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