Our clients

The organisations we serve need to maintain and process valuable information about their members, donors, volunteers and other constituents. We offer services that support their mission as well as their internal operations:

  • Reach out to their community and engage their activity
  • Offer services to their members and process their cases
  • Inform and reach subscribers
  • Provide and promote free or paid services
  • Finance their organizations through donations, contributions, paid services or by subsidies
  • Generate reports to better conduct their operations
  • Produce receipts for their contributors

Our offer

We provide the software and training required by those organisations we serve. More specifically:

  • We advise and support our customers
  • We provide and customize specialized software
  • We develop databases that reflect each organisation's concerns
  • We program custom extensions to the software packages we provide
  • We ensure the migration of existing IT systems to the new software
  • We document the products we offer and promote good practices
  • We train end-users and help them maximize their efficiency

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We provide you with the means to streamline your activities

Reach out to your constituents

Provide your constituents with information, services and opportunities that meet their expectations and intentions.

  • Send personalized emails, newsletters, SMS, etc.
  • Customize your constituents' profiles and collect survey responses
  • Provide specialized services (ex: members directory, job boards, webinars, etc.)

Engage your community

Involve your members, volunteers, donors and other contributors to support your projects.

  • Send out invitations to your events and fund raising activities
  • Call out your volunteers and record their contributions
  • Provide online tools to facilitate collaboration between your contributors (ex: discussion forum, task tracker, etc.)

Finance your projects

Set goals, raise funds, and leverage social networks in order to reach your targets.

  • Announce your projects and campaigns on social networks
  • Set up fund raising forms to collect donations and pledges online
  • Raise money from your events and memberships
  • Track your progress

Manage your events

Manage your registrations, organize and announce your events.

  • Process online registrations
  • Specify your constraints (costs, number of attendees, volunteers required, etc.)
  • Print out a list of attendees and personalized badges

Streamline your workflow

Coordinate complex processes over time which can involve multiple tasks and stakeholders.

  • Access and manage a central database of case records (ex: volunteer training, medical assistance, etc.)
  • Automate routine operations and schedule follow-up activities
  • Break down your managed cases into discrete, manageable steps
  • Define specific workflows for your employees, volunteers, patients and other stakeholders
  • Select candidates based on given criteria

Analyze your activities

Gather accurate information on your contacts and the effectiveness of your fund raising campaigns

  • Receive regular feedback about your contacts and fund raising campaigns
  • Query your database through customized searches
  • Estimate the reach and effectiveness of your email campaigns
  • Customize your dashboard to track sensitive data